The Internet's Leading Armchair Revolutionary is Dean Sayers. This blog was started primarily to accumulate data and develop my own ideas in a static, accessible form. Posts to the blog will be interminable.

Auditing Capitalism is the only real way to confront the problems facing the working class in this epoch. Some arguments of mine may seem disingenuous because state, legal, positional and even financial forces of power are variously described as non-capital resources. But this misses the point. To most economic models, the important aspect of capital is its ability to self-replicate and expand. Capital is, at its core, a dynamic of power, and this power is replicated across all or nearly all significant social relations today.

The Thin Red Line is 
  • a military formation composed of a thin but resilient line of belligerents.
  • associated with Turkish forces in the Crimean war
  • a Rudyard Kipling Poem
  • a 1998 film
  • an indeterministic theory of time/space by Nuel Belnap and Mitchell Green
  •  the line separating the bourgeois from the proletariat
Dean F. Sayers is currently the sole author working on this project. To those who know me, the irony of all of my grandstanding is apparent: I'm generally way too serious and far more structured than I need to be, and I am not part of an indispensable or even particularly serious clique of economists. Despite my reading AJE, FT, WSJ and other sources daily, I have only a modicum of structured training in economics/finance and I think it shows. I'm serious about being a pedestrian. I plan on pursuing more education along these lines, however. As it stands, my ideas are most closely related to Critical Theory.