Wednesday, July 15, 2015

In Rout, Iran Agrees to Slash Domestic Energy Production

Under sanctions meant to foment unrest by causing humanitarian crisis in the state, Iran has given up key rights to its sovereign energy and technology development, reminiscent of its historical struggle to retain the value of its oil resources, a struggle primarily waged against many of the same Western powers who sought to maximize profit exports and provided far more profit-sharing to monarchist states in the region, which were treated by these powers as more legitimate than Iranian democratic representation.

The "sober" criticism is that Iran needs to "repent." Will US and UK repent on what they actually did to Iran? Jim Webb has repeated this obscenity. It's reported uncritically. So, too, are the "concerns" of gangsters like Netanyahu, who runs a vandal state which has undeclared nuclear arms and has NOT signed the NNPT (Iran has & follows the treaty, which is why it hasn't been invoked - they live up to their obligations).

Meanwhile, the US has shuttered its SMART obligations under Obama and has built newer, more ranged/accurate nuclear arms. Russia (much like in Ukraine, Georgia) has been late to the game - they recently announced plans to follow suit, and upgrade their arms. Perhaps we will be lucky enough to have a Kennedy brinkmanship 2.0 as our current and future administrations ratchet up the deadly game of arms races, arming monarchies and starving republics, and bankrolling ethnic cleansing.

We should be clear. There should never have been sanctions on Iran. Iran did not implement a torture regime in the US, or train and send assassins across the US border to murder civilians. There are crimes and abuses that need to be addressed and prosecuted, and to be fair, the Iranian state has some to account for. But the threat is clearly bearing down on Iran. The US attempted to create a humanitarian crisis in Iran, as broadly reported in US media. Israel has repeatedly attacked the state, and the Saud/US alliance funded an Iraqi incursion to destabilize Iran.

It failed, the obscenely massive Iraqi military power had to look elsewhere to justify its existence, namely the Turkish-Syrian-Iraqi agreement with the US to kill off Iran-backed Kurdish liberals. But the Kuwaiti fiasco sealed Iraq's fate as a rogue among an alliance of rogues. Now it is Iran's neighbor, Iraq, which has destabilized - and hosts the MEK on a US base, a terrorist organization known for killing US personnel, then was US-trained and killed Iranian civilian scientists, and Hillary Clinton recently removed them from the terrorist watch list.
What was broadly and most commonly reported in the infamous Abbottabad report were the many lurid details of Osama Bin Ladin's life and interaction with the Pakistani state, specifically the ISI (something akin the the US's NSA with much more political intrigue). What was less commonly noted was the US-Pakistani interactions, where US personnel were "shocked" at the immediate and comprehensive concession on the part of their Pakistani handlers to US demands. The Iranians, target of decades of abuse by neighbors and foreigners who act with impunity and indignation, have clearly learned a similar lesson: You have no dignity, though you defend it. You have no Rights, though you claim them. You are Colonized, though you fight it.
Iran is ringed by US military installations. Their significant uranium mining resources are a lucrative fuel - too bad, the West wants, and got, control over the energy production of this resource, as well. For agreeing to stipulations above and beyond their NNPT obligations, they may receive less abuse. Obama has consummated the decades-long struggle to contain Iranian domestic energy. It is a rout. Iran lost.

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